The Met Gala, worst dress

Somebody has to say, and our judge here is not just the dress, is the whole image, shoes, jewels, make up, hair and even attitude.

First, Leighton Meester  wearing Marchesa, and just because is a MARCHESA, she should be in the winning list!, but NO, i think the problem here, was the color of the dress (golden) vs the color of her skin…..the whole image was too much, too dense, i reckon the issue was the tanned skin.

Second, the model Anna Rubik with a dress from Anthony Vaccarello, she’s showing almost all her skin! and we can even see her hip bone, which is ok, if u are in the beach!, but NO in a Gala like this!!!! ( i bet she wasn’t wearing any underwear)

Third, our dear Gwyneth Paltrow, with a silver Prada, too short, too weird, boob sides exposed, huge pockets, and again she’s showing too much skin, she’s not that young, even when u has a toned and perfect body,  that dress is not for a GALA!!!!.

and Beyonce, wearing a Givenchy, the dress is quite alike the one of Rooney Mara’s , both are Givenchy, but for some reason, it doesn’t look good on Beyoncé, and the feathers is not the problem, it was barely covering her bottom, and she doesn’t have a small one, so that marks the big difference between Rooney and her, the volume!, if only the it had more of the covering fabric, another story would be…

another one was Ginnifer Goodwin with an orange Monique Lhuillier, the dress is beautiful, even the color was OK, the issue is her haircut, its not flattering make her look even more square faced, maybe thats why she was looking so sad! a bad haircut could damage your mood!!!, and the shoes were just not appropriate, but anyway, she need a better stylist for her hair…

Bridal Report, spring 2012

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Here’s a brief bridal report from the designer’s spring 2012 collections.

Have to say my favorite is not Vera Wang, is Temperley London, the designer uses delicate lace and ethereal forms, as a big difference from St. Pucci (with huge skirt) or Reem Acra.

Who uses delicate forms, attached to the body is Cymbellline, and the always glamorous Marchesa who uses twisted forms.

Jenny Packham has a kinda 1920’s style, and Angel Sanchez, really modern and simple, with some architectural lines.

The interesting thins about Vera Wang is the color, is not white, or the classic ivory, is almost a pale yellow/beige, but too much fabric for my taste.

Here are my favorite looks, including Angel Sanchez, Jenny Packham , Fillmore, Wang, Marchesa, Cymbelline and of course Temperley London.

Coincidencias en la semana de la moda de NYC

Coincidencias en la semana de la moda.

Algunos diseñadores tienen las mismas ideas, supongo que eso no se puede evitar.

o sera acaso que Marchesa se esta ciclando en sus diseños?,

he aqui, algunas coincidencias en la semana de la moda de Nueva York, y algunas otras con temporadas pasadas.

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