Hell no!!!: Jessica Chastain

Two words: No please, Jessica Chastain at the Tony Awards 2012. I don’t quite understand the problem, she’s beautiful, so natural and with a perfect body, the dress is strange, but fabulous so feminine, so sexy and …sheer!!!!!, lacks of color, but that’s not the issue…

the thing is, it just made her look fat, and of course she’s super slim, so, i am gonna classify this as a terrible tailored dress, because not even in the runway looks good.

the dress is Mario Schwab.

Ayudemos a esta chica…Michelle Harper

Porfavor, alguien tiene que decirle a Michelle Harper, lo mal que luce ( y no me refiero al maquillaje)

Su delgadez es demasiado extrema, me parece que ha perdido el sentido de lo que es bello y saludable.

Michelle Harper, es considerada uno de los iconos actuales de la moda, por su extraña y estrafalaria forma de vestirse , maquillarse y peinarse; a mi gusto no muy estéticamente agradable; sin embargo siempre asediada por los fotobloggers, cuenta con un privilegiado lugar en las fiestas y desfiles de moda.

Un lugar que todas nosotras humildes bloggers le envidiamos, mas no así su figura.

Aquí se dejó ver de la mano de Christian Cota, diseñador mexicano, que claro que no radica en su país, si no en Nueva York, y fue el encargado de vestir a esta dama para la ceremonia de los CFDA Awards, a.k.a. los premios de la Moda, pero podemos observar lo extremadamente famélica que no sé ni como sostuvo el vestido.

Me pregunto que no sus familiares y amigos le dicen que no se ve saludable!?!?

PORFAVOR ALGUIEN AYUDELA!!!!! denle un poco de comida..

Thor vs The Huntsman

hard decision , i think i will pick The Huntsman, looks much more strong but yet slimmer than Thor, and much more sensitive, and less arrogant than Thor…

but Thor has his own kingdom!!!!! and a lovely cape (who cares about it), the Huntsman has this belt full of knives!!!


Kim or Gwyneth??

Both girls are wearing  Emilio Pucci, but the first one was Gwyneth Paltrow at the Emmy Awards, in September 2011,  and  she made quite a big impact with that dress, so much that i can never forget the image and it came to my mind as soon as i saw this pic of Kim Kardashian … Continue reading

Balenciaga for Kristen

Well, lately we have seen Kristen Stewart so incredible well dress and with a better attitude in her face, and i have to say congratulations to her stylist, she’s looking amazing.

Here we can see her dress in Balenciaga, just for the name, there should not be any mistakes, but i have to say the printed in the dress is just not appropriate for a young woman in her 20’s. The dress is really stunning, requires to have a stunning leg, but i think would look so much better in someone in her early 40’s, its just the color is kinda adult.

But the yellow trousers are fantastic! and K. Dunst is not so far behind, looking great with the Charlotte Olympia platforms.

I hope K. Stewart continues with that attitude and smiling for the camera.

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